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The World of Internet of Things

Written on June 1, 2019 by Jonathon Webley

​There has been a lot of hype created about the term Internet of Things; however, a lot of us still don’t know what it actually means or what is the real meaning of this term in the world of cyberspace?
For us humans, who happen to be disorganised because of nature, the “Internet of Things” is a very interactive innovative solution to modern life, however, for those who value their privacy; is this innovation is more of an intrusion?

The Internet of Things refers to having each and every electronic device and other digital devices connected to and interacting with each other in real-time over the internet. This interaction directly between devices without the need for human input allows for all data to be monitored and tracked in huge volume in real-time. Everything you do is backed up categorically in the cloud allowing individuals to organise their life in a better way by not spending time doing so manually.

This certainly has the capacity to be enjoyed by a lot of people. Examples of this include receiving a message on your phone to buy eggs because their refrigerator sent them a notification telling them they’re almost out of them – or even directly ordering these themselves through an online shopping app.

Another example currently in use is in the aviation industry where many new planes are equipped with sensors on most parts that can report any mechanical issues before they become an issue.
If you’re wondering how these things are actually possible, the Internet of Things refers to an amalgamation of a lot of different technologies like QR codes, RIFD tags, sensors and devices that are used to read the available information that has been encoded on those tags.  Smartphones and other electronic devices can then receive real-time information through the internet of things as everything is connected online.

The world is hoping for a lot of improvement because of the internet of things. Mainly the internet of things will be producing a great amount of data that can be of significant use to a number of businesses. This will also generate more targeted marketing and will make it easy for consumers or producers to find what they’re looking for or reach their potential consumer.

The only downside to the Internet of Things is that it is very vulnerable in terms of security. Individuals embracing this will need to be mindful of the security of their data like never before.  This is not purely limited to potential criminal activities but companies and government can actually put your personal information under surveillance like never before.

The Cybersecurity surrounding IoT is going to be a significant industry all by itself but on an individual level we will all need to be conscious of our security ourselves and make sure we don’t take on innovations like the Internet of Things a little too much