You’re here because you need some interviewing tips on the perfect video interview. We’ll discuss some pointers and different types of video interview.

Potential employers use tools like google hangouts, skype and other specialist video interview platforms all the time, and they’re set to be a core part of the interview process. They could, in time, replace the traditional phone interview and are used to assess things like technical capability, personality and cultural fit.

Top tips for any type of video interview

It’s critical for any job interview to practice, get a family member involved to ask you questions over google hangouts, for example, to understand how you come across on a video platform.

Equipment – It is vital you take a video interview on your laptop. Swaying your mobile phone around while you’re interviewing won’t go down well. Similar to an in-person interview, you’re being assessed on multiple things like body language, communication and presentation. It’s a good idea to prop your laptop up on some books and raise the camera to eye level, this way you’re not looking down, and you’re directly at the front of the camera, you’ll come across really well especially in comparison to other candidates not
doing it.

Clothing – it’s an interview, but it is ok to ask what to wear, ask your recruiter or the employer. Especially if you’re taking the job interview during working hours and your current works dress code could be different. It’s also a good idea to be fully dressed if you’re at home! Don’t wear pyjama bottoms and shirt and tie on top – just in case you’re asked to stand up!

Internet Connection – it goes without saying you have to be somewhere with a good internet connection. Otherwise, potential employers are going to think the worst, as obvious as this may seem somehow people still try and take video interviews on their mobile phone in poor reception areas.

Types of Video interview

Pre-recorded video interviews – These types of interview are where you’re given pre-recorded questions to answer. Either the interviewer has pre-recorded themselves asking the questions, or they are text questions, and you record your answer via the video interview software. Used mainly in the recruitment process to ask specific questions, often high-level technical or sometimes unique questions to assess your cultural and personality fit.

You normally get chance to read the questions, preparation time and often you do a limited number of re-takes, it’s worth asking about all of these as you can put your best foot forward and submit your answer when you’re happy with it.

Live interviews – you have to see this as an equivalent of a face to face or in-person interview. The interviewer is assessing your body language, communication, and how you come across when they ask their interview questions. As it’s a live video interview in real-time, potential employers always treat this as a crucial stage of the interview process, i.e. no second chance. You’ll have a two-way conversation over the screen, so it’s vital you’re relaxed, dressed for the occasion and in a quiet space with a good internet connection.

In summary, potential employers are looking at new methods to evaluate talent coming into their organisation. Video Interviews are just one of those methods, whether pre-recorded video interviews or a live video interview, preparation is absolutely crucial to your success and will allow you to stand out from other candidates.

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