Agile Recruit provides an IR35 solution for Contractors

Written on February 14, 2020 by Jonathon Webley

​The IR35 changes in 2020 are causing the biggest shake-up in data and technology projects resource planning that is driving widespread changes in the long-established “contract” market. A simple shift in who makes the determination relating to IR35 has created uncertainty, concern, and led to companies, and sometimes whole industries, making blanket determinations (however they are officially badged up) rather than looking at the nature of how services have been delivered and most importantly how they could be delivered.

Our view is that these changes should not be viewed as a negative step and should instead be seen as an environment that professional, highly skilled PSC contractors will excel in. Our methods of delivery and delivery assurance using agile principles and Azure / DevOps based deliverables and milestone sign off process provides a solution that allows PSC contractors to operate their own business adhering entirely to the letter of the legislation but also provides a greater level of confidence for the end customer on the outcomes than they would ever have had previously.

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