When it comes to job interview questions, there is one that is guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any job candidate. It is, of course,  one of the most common interview questions: ‘tell me why should we hire you for this job?’ But what does the interviewer really want to know? And how do you give them a good answer?

What does the interviewer really want to know?

When job interviewers ask you this question, they are really asking you ‘what is it about you that makes you the best fit for this position?’ After all, they are recruiting in order to solve a problem they have – whether they want to build their brand, boost their sales or streamline their processes. What they want you to do, therefore, when you are answering this question is to show them how you are the right person to solve that problem.

How to answer ‘why should we hire you?’

If you think about it, this question is actually fairly easy to answer (if you have done your research). Follow our tips below, jot down notes as you are reading through, and you will have the basis of your answer right there.

Step One: Refer to the job description

Before you head to the interview, you need to have read the job description thoroughly and take note of the experience and skills the employer is looking for. You can then use these needs to fuel your answer. To really stand out think beyond the job description and consider which of your accomplishments and skills are relevant to the job and will make you a better candidate for the company than any of your competition.

Step Two: Focus on what you have to offer the company

Many people make the mistake of trying to answer this question by talking about why they want to work for the company and what their career goals are – but the interviewer is not really looking for that answer. This is your chance to show them exactly how your skillset is the answer to their problems, and how by hiring you they will have the chance to add someone to their company who is innovative and whose skill set will benefit them.

Step Three: Don’t compare yourself to other candidates

The other thing that the interviewer is not looking for is for you to compare yourself to other candidates – because let’s face it, you are not going to know what everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses are so you will not be giving an informed answer you will just
be guessing.  So forget about everyone else and concentrate on the one thing you do know about – you.

Step Four: Give evidence to back up your answer

The basis of this question is basically a premise asking you to promote yourself, but you want to be careful that you don’t come across as being arrogant or cocky. One way to do this is to give evidence to back up your points. Don’t just pepper the interviewer with empty words, give them evidence to back what you are saying up. For example: ‘I have a highly analytical mindset which I have shown with my work on X at my previous company.’ 

Step Five: Keep it short and sweet

Remember, this is just one question in a list of many the interviewer may have for you, so you don’t need to give them war and peace. Keep your answer short, succinct and memorable by clearly laying out the points you want to make, and the evidence you have to support them and then finish with a closing sentence such as ‘Overall I think A, B and C means I will be a great fit for your company and this role.’

Key things to remember:

  • Make sure you have researched the job and the company before you head to the interview.  The more you know, the easier it will be for you to answer the question.
  • Don’t just repeat the information that is on your CV as the interviewer has already read it. They are looking for you to provide them with additional information as to why they should hire you.

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