Top Five Job Search Tips for 2021

Written on August 16, 2021 by Louise Kilburn

The past 18 months have been a bit of a whirlwind, to say the least, with the COVID pandemic reshaping the job market and changing how the world of work operates. With the forced rise in remote working changing the concept of the workplace forever, and the way in which companies interview and hire candidates being completely re-imagined – new practices and technology are being introduced everyday.

For many people, the end of lockdowns marks a much needed positive change and for many it may mean it is now time to find a new job. As a data recruitment agency we appreciate it can be challenging to find a new job at any time, never mind when the world is facing a pandemic, so we have pulled together our top five tips to help you navigate the job market in 2021:

Tip One: Know what your transferable skills are

The COVID pandemic has meant that many people are now considering job roles that they may not have considered before, and employers are increasingly looking for candidates who are adaptable and flexible. So it is good to know what transferable skills you might have that will help you land a variety of different jobs.

Think about and then write down the transferable skills you have, and what examples you could talk about to demonstrate them. Some examples of transferable skills are:

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making
  • Planning
  • Problem solving skills

Once you are clear on these, add them into your CV – making sure to tailor them to the business whose role you are applying for – especially if you are looking to move into a new industry

Tip Two: Invest time in continuous learning and upskilling

There are plenty of free resources out there to fill your spare time with, which may help you to land a new role as it will show your potential employers that you are proactive about improving your skills and knowledge.

Set yourself apart from the competition in 2021 by learning more about a new industry or undertaking some career development training – and make sure you list it on your CV.

Tip Three: Make your CV relevant and tailored

Talking about CVs, it is more important than ever that you don’t send out a general CV with every job application you make, but ensure your CV is tailored to the role you are applying for.

As recruiters, we are faced with hundreds of CVs on a daily basis and we simply don’t have the time to read through pages and pages of text – so if your CV is relevant, concise and written to a high standard you are already more likely to catch our attention.

Tip Four: Create a LinkedIn Profile and use it to network

As a data recruitment agency, we have created and nurtured relationships with many companies in the world of data and analytics, and you should do the same. Creating a great LinkedIn profile and using it to network is a great way to attract attention and gain visibility.

Our team of consultants use LinkedIn on a daily basis, not only to advertise job roles but to network with potential candidates and keep them up to date on upcoming jobs. Recent research shows that 43% of employers check digital profiles regularly, so get your foot in the door and build up connections with as many relevant people as you can.

Tip Five: Be prepared for video assessments and interviews

The rise in remote working and the number of companies who have decided not to go back to the office permanently also means that video assessments and interviews have become a key part of the hiring process this year – and this is expected to continue.

Video assessments and interviews are still a relatively new thing for many people, and there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want it to go smoothly. Check out our blog post on how to succeed in a video interview for best practices.

Bonus Tip: Let Agile Recruit help

Let Agile Recruit help make your job search easier.

Our team of consultants are specialists in their areas and have insider knowledge of the qualities and skills sought after by employers. They will also spend time getting to know you so that they can match you to the perfect role for you.

We not only offer a consulting service for our candidates but we also partner with a range of successful companies across the UK as part of our extensive client network.

Get in touch with our recruitment consultants to explore your job options – they will be more than happy to help.