It doesn’t matter how good a technology is; all tech firms rely on skilled sales professionals to get their products and services into organisations and build relationships with these customers to ensure success. Therefore, getting into tech sales is a great chance for recent graduates to build a lucrative career in the tech industry.

Here are some of the key things you need to know about tech sales.

What is tech sales?

Tech sales is a generic term used to describe the process of selling technology by identifying customers who could benefit from a particular technology solution and showing them how that technology can meet their needs.

Tech sales include:

  • Hardware – computers, networking devices and servers
  • Software – operating systems
  • Services – applications, big data and cloud computing

And so the position can vary greatly depending on the type of sales you do and what company you are working for.

What do tech salespeople do?

Tech salespeople have two main goals:

  • Promoting the products of the company they work for
  • Making sure their customers are getting as much value as possible from the technology solution they are buying

They will spend a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of the technology they are working with, researching potential customers for that technology and pulling together packages to meet their customers’ needs.

What are the challenges of working in technology sales?

Tech sales is a fast-paced field, and so it does come with some challenges, including:

  • Staying on top of ongoing product updates
  • Sourcing and connecting with potential customers
  • Ensuring customers are happy with their purchase
  • Problem-solving issues if they are not happy with their purchase

Although these challenges are part of the day-to-day life of a tech salesperson, they tend to be fairly straightforward to overcome. You could work your way up to a Chief Technology Office role.

What are the benefits of working in technology sales?

While there are some challenges to working in tech sales, it has even more benefits. These include:

  • Working with cutting-edge technology
  • Meeting talented people across a range of industries
  • Learning and growing with others on your team

As you can see, tech sales is an exciting field with uncapped potential and have a lot to offer recent graduates. If you want to discuss further whether this career is right for you, please contact the team at Agile Recruit.

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