Time-to-hire is a buzzword in the recruitment industry, as the shorter time between posting your job and filling the role, the better. Not only does reducing time-to-hire means that your chosen candidate won’t accept a job offer from someone else, but it can also cost you more cash-wise.

Here are five ways to speed up your recruitment process while retaining talented candidates.

#1 Nail down exactly what it is you are looking for

Clarifying your current hiring needs is critical to streamlining the recruitment process. Doing a skills gap analysis, consulting your existing workforce, and clearly defining business expansion plans will help you see your ideal candidate’s skills and experience and how many positions you need to fill.

#2 Use a specialist recruitment agency

We understand that many businesses baulk at working with a recruitment company for cost reasons, but working with a specialist recruitment agency such as cloud and data recruitment agency Agile Recruit could save you money in the long run. This is because not only will we present you with quality candidates, but we can also reduce your hiring time.

When you engage us as your recruitment partner, get to know yourself and your business so that we know the candidate profile that will best fit your business.

#3 Take advantage of video interviews

Video interviews grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as not only were they easier to schedule, but they were less stressful for people as well. Despite the COVID pandemic ending, many people still work from home, so video interviews are a great option. Not only can they help you attract candidates who may not be actively looking for a job (passive candidates), but they can also improve your reputation as an employer.

#4 Refine your recruitment process

If you have found that your recruitment process needs to be shorter, try to figure out why. What are the bottlenecks? Which tasks take the most time? Once you have identified these, you can plan to improve these areas and speed them up. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help; we are recruitment experts!

#5 Build a talent pipeline

Having a robust talent pipeline is crucial to successful recruiting. A talent pipeline is a group of candidates that you have in reserve, as it were, that you know will be great to fill future roles, but you don’t have an open position for them at the moment. Having a pool of talented candidates available before actively recruiting for a role enables you to engage them early in the recruitment process, dramatically reducing your time-to-hire.

You can build your talent pipeline with former employees, past candidates, and interns. You can also source passive candidates through recruitment events.

Agile Recruit can help you with the abovementioned tips, acting as your permanent recruitment partner. Please get in touch with our team to learn more at 0330 335 5545 or email us at info@agilerecruit.com.

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