If you feel a little nervous about your upcoming job interview, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here at Agile Recruit, we work closely with our candidates to help them feel ready for interviews, as we know that being prepared well is half the battle for success.

We’ve talked a lot about how spending a little time prepping before the interview can make you feel much more confident on the day and less panicky if asked difficult questions.

With this in mind, here are five things you should do in your interview if you want to impress your interviewer:

#1 Dress appropriately (for the position)

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so ensure your first impression is good by dressing appropriately. From your research on the company before the interview, you can tell their dress code and choose your outfit based on that. Whether the dress code is formal or casual, one thing is certain, always make sure the clothes you wear are clean and ironed.

#2 Be prepared

Don’t turn up to the interview empty-handed; think about things you or your interviewer might need, such as a printed copy of your CV, a list of references for them to follow up on, a notebook and pen to take notes, and a list of questions you might want to ask.

#3 Build rapport with the interviewer

During the interview, build a rapport with the person interviewing you. Although they will be asking you many questions, you can use your answers to try and connect with them, to make it seem more like a conversation rather than an interview.

#4 Have some small talk ready

Following the tip above, one way to build rapport with the interviewer is to engage in small talk. Before the interview, think about some conversation topics you can discuss, such as the location of the interview, any awards the company may have recently won, or a common interest you and the interviewer may share.

#5 Always follow up

Once the interview has finished, thank the interviewer for their time and ensure you are clear about the following stages. Once you are home, email the interviewer and thank them again, reiterate your interest in the role, and include any information you didn’t have the opportunity to get across in the interview. This helps keep you at the forefront of the interviewer’s mind.

Following the top five tips outlined above will make you the best-prepared candidate the interviewer has ever met.

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