There is a lot of uncertainty in the recruitment market, with economic pressures meaning the number of job vacancies advertised in the first quarter of 2023 dropped significantly. This is why ensuring you have the right people in the correct positions is more important than ever to ensure business success.

This post will give five tips for choosing the right data recruitment agency to find your next candidate and build a strong and long-lasting team.

Tip One: Determine Your Needs

The most critical step in finding the right data recruitment agency for your needs is to determine what type of data recruitment you want and decide on the level of support you require from your chosen recruitment agency partner. Working with Agile Recruit as your recruitment partner, for example, offers you the chance to access an in-depth service that minimises the recruitment process’s impact on your recruitment manager’s time, while ensuring you bring exactly the right employees into your business.

Tip Two: Consider Experience

Experience is significant in recruitment, especially in cloud and data recruitment, so seeking a recruitment agency with a proven track record is crucial. For example, our Managing Director, Jonathon Webley, has worked in IT recruitment for over twenty-two years and has a background in strategic problem-solving, making the recruitment niche perfect for him.

Tip Three: Look for Industry-Specific Expertise

When you partner with a recruitment agency, they must be experienced and have specific experience in your particular sector, i.e. recruiting data professionals. Agile Recruit has a deep knowledge and understanding of the data sector as part of the Agile Solutions Group of specialist data management businesses. It can offer you the best advice and support – and the best candidates for your vacancies.

Tip Four: Check Candidate Quality

We have a robust candidate screening process here at Agile Recruit, which includes:

  • Reviewing CVs and removing those that don’t meet the minimum qualifications
  • Checking references with previous employers
  • Researching candidates online
  • Checking which candidates also meet the desired but non-mandatory skills and experience requirements
  • Pre-screening interviews

Tip Five: Assess the Recruitment Agency’s Cultural Fit

As well as making sure the recruitment agency you choose to work with has experience in your sector, it is also worth making sure they are a cultural fit with your business and have values that align with yours. For example, we work hard here at Agile Recruit to ensure our recruitment process is inclusive and hone in on the right person for your role. We also spend time at the beginning of the recruitment process getting to know your company and its culture well so that we understand your business and how best to represent you to attract the right talent.

In conclusion, when choosing the right recruitment agency for your business, you must first determine your needs. Then you need to examine the agency’s overall experience, plus their expertise in your particular sector. Make sure to choose an agency with a robust candidate screening process and one whose company culture aligns with yours.

To learn more about how Agile Recruit can fulfil your data recruitment needs, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 335 5545 or email us at

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