Data Platforms & Data Engineering

What We Do.

Our Data Platforms and Engineering specialism are the core of our business.  Our experts in this area work heavily with specialists in Cloud, DevOps & DataOps platforms and technologies.


Data Platform & Engineering Jobs Overview

With organisations from the largest multinationals to SMEs looking at cloud technology adoption, the demand for Data Engineering professionals with cloud technology experience has never been higher, particularly in Azure, AWS and GCP.

DevOps engineers use state-of-the-art re-usable Infrastructure as code techniques to create deployment implementations into Continuous Delivery pipelines to provide fast and repeatable deployments. DataOps is the flexible framework built on the basic principles of DevOps: agile, lean, test-driven development and total quality management.

These structures and data platforms are essential for ensuring businesses can organise their data by keeping it all in one place, making it easy for them to find actionable insights.

Data is transforming the world, meaning companies are keen to invest in IT to access leading-edge technologies that will keep them at the forefront of decision-making. At Agile Recruit, we are always looking for ways to ensure we are at the leading edge of recruitment – ensuring we always have the right people for the right clients.


What We Want.

Please contact us if you are working in data platforms or data engineering, looking to further your career in this area or a business leader looking to expand your data platforms or data engineering team with new hires.

Big Data Jobs

Big data is one of the fastest-growing fields in data recruitment, with many exciting job opportunities available for skilled professionals in all industries across the globe. This is down to the fact that it is driving growth and transforming businesses through the global economy.

Cloud Jobs

Filling cloud job roles is a critical part of any business's digital transformation strategy, with the move from on-premise to cloud solutions at the core of most technology strategies now.

DevOps & DataOps Jobs

DevOps is a development strategy that is used to bridge the gap between IT Operations and Software Development. DevOps helps to create an agile relationship between Software Development and IT Operations so that companies can create and release regular updates to their products quickly.

Data Warehouse Jobs

Data Warehousing is an important speciality in enterprise-level businesses today, as today’ data storage needs to go beyond a simple database to hold and manage data. Companies now rely more heavily than ever on data to make critical business decisions.

ETL Jobs

Data Integration is the name given to the process of combining data from many different sources into one unified view. Integration of data begins with the ingestion process and includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping and data transformation.

Jobs in Testing

Jobs in testing are a critical function for every business as they involve problem-solving, risk management and quality improvement throughout a product’s lifecycle (usually a software product). When you have a job in testing, you are responsible for advocating for the end-users to ensure they are being delivered a quality product.

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