Permanent Hires

Knowing who to hire and how best to hire them are the keys to successful permanent hirings. We start by making sure we have a detailed understanding of the role and the candidate profile. Then we agree a hiring process which makes the best possible use of your time, and gives candidates the best possible experience.

Whether this is a single hire, a search assignment or part of a large campaign, it’s essential for all involved to know the:
– long-term aims
– expectations for the position
– timescales for each stage of the process.

With those in place, our highly-experienced recruiters have a wide range of tools to source and attract candidates: from advertising, to direct contact with the active Agile Recruit network, to our highly specialist candidate database.

In areas where demand is high, we can help you to build a proposition that makes your position stand out to potential candidates. And with our in-depth understanding of both your organization and the position, we’ll be able to market more effectively, even to more passive candidates – who are often the best candidates of all.

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