CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Job Profile

The CTO, Chief Technology Officer, is the person who makes all of the executive decisions about the technological interests of a company. They are responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, and they are also responsible for implementing technology strategies and ensuring technological resources are aligned with business needs.

CTO’s work directly under CEOs, and act as both a business and technology expert so they need to be confident in making decisions that will impact the future operations of the company they are working for.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Job Requirements

To become a CTO you should have

A Masters Degree in Computer Science or a related field


At least 8 years experience in a technical role

At least 5 years of management experience

A demonstrated history with technology and an advanced technological skill set

Ability to build strong cohesive teams able to deliver technical and organisational change

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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