Data Steward Job Profile

A Data Steward is responsible for the management of all the data stored within a company.  They expertly handle everything related to data processing, data policies,  and data guidelines and administer all of its valuable information to ensure it complies with policy and regulatory obligations. 

The Data Steward is the person within a company who knows how all of the data is collated, maintained and interpreted. They are the central point of contact for increasingly growing and complex data volumes.

Data Steward Job Requirements

To become a successful data steward, you should:

Have at least five years experience of leading data architecture or an engineering function

Have at least five years of hands-on experience of data, with a demonstrable increase of responsibilities over time

A solid understanding of PL-SQL including tuning for performance

A solid understanding of key DBMS platforms such as DB2, Oracle and SQL Server

Technical expertise in data architecture principles and design aspects of DBMS and reporting concepts

Possess knowledge and expertise in data modelling and management techniques and strategies

Results-oriented, diligent and work with a sense of urgency

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