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ETL Developers are specialists in the design and filling of advanced data storage systems. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load, which is the name given to the process developers’ use to load business data into their specially designed data warehouse. ETL developers are also responsible for testing the performance of the data storage system and troubleshooting any issues before the system goes live. 

To be a successful ETL developer you need to have extensive knowledge of both data warehouse architecture and specialist ETL technologies, be able to see the big picture when it comes to your company’s data needs, and also be able to clearly communicate your ideas to the rest of the business. 

ETL Developer Job Requirements

To apply for an ETL Developer job, you should:

Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or another related field.

Be proficient in warehousing architecture techniques including DM, EDW, MOLAP, ODS and ROLAP

Have previous experience as an ETL developer

Have the ability to analyse a company’s big-picture data needs

Have strong collaborative working practices 

Be clear in your communication at all times

Be able to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems

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