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Big Data Jobs

Careers in Big Data

Big Data can provide businesses with meaningful information, helping them to make better business decisions. Therefore, if you are looking at Big Data jobs you need to be able to cope with the development challenges it presents. Data Engineers and Data Architects are crucial to the success of Big Data.

Many businesses these days have huge amounts of data at their fingertips but leveraging this data to provide actionable insights that drive business impact is an ongoing challenge. On top of the traditional sources of data that we are all used to, comes a proliferation of unstructured data from all our digital interactions, and growth in the use of so-called ‘smart’ gadgets.

This is where Big Data Engineering comes in to play, as Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects work together to develop platforms that will allow all of this data to be processed in a way where it can be utilised by Software Engineers and Data Platform Engineers throughout the business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Big Data job candidate with expertise in building the systems that can process all of this data, or a company who are looking to build a platform to help them understand their Big Data – whichever you are, Agile Recruit are specialists in helping you out.

Key Technical Skills include Cloudera, DataBricks, Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark.

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