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Data Integration Jobs & ETL Jobs

Careers in ETL / Data Integration

ETL (Extract Transform Load) is another name for the foundation of any Business Intelligence solution – the data integration layer. Data Integration jobs are involved in helping to create and maintain an effective ETL, so that time otherwise spent on data extraction and preparation can be spent on extracting insights from the data.

​What those insights might be depends on which area of the organization wants them, and for what purpose. Beyond the basic management and monitoring of revenue flow and users, other departments will have other, specific requirements. Sales will want customer information. Marketing will want campaign conversion rates. Customer Success will want information on customer needs and problems. ETL jobs ensure that all those different data demands can be met, without creating parallel data versions and losing data governance.

​The data is often from various applications, supported by different vendors and hosted on separate computer hardware. Integrating and then making it available and useful to the wider organization depends on a range of Data Integration jobs. These include ETL Developer, Data Integration Consultant and Core Technology Consultant.

​Agile Recruit understands the need for candidates who work accurately, can write clear documentation, can resolve problems, and who are able to translate business needs into end-user applications, to successfully fill even the most demanding ETL / Data Integration jobs.

Key Technical Skills include SSIS, Informatica PowerCenter, IBM Datastage, SAP BW, ODI, Ab Intio and Talend.

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