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Data Quality Jobs

Careers in Data Quality

​The quantity of data available to organizations nowadays goes without saying. The quality of that data is less of a given. So, the role of people in Data Quality jobs is very important as they help ensure data is of a quality which makes it a valid and useful part of an organization’s Data Governance Framework.

​High-quality data – which those in Data Quality jobs help to create – is easy to use and allows organizations to accurately determine what their clients or customers need. Once they know that, they are on the way to being more effective at providing it. Data Quality jobs therefore require candidates to have a technical capability with tools such as Informatica Data Quality and Experian Pandora. However, they also demand a wider understanding and view of people and process.

​These qualities are needed across the wide range of Data Quality jobs available, including Data Quality Developer, DQ Consultant, Data Profiler, Data Wrangler, Data Operations Technical Lead and Data Manager. Agile Recruit is highly experienced in finding candidates and filling vacancies across all these Data Quality jobs.

Key Technical Skills include; Ataccama, Collibra, IBM DQ, Infosphere, Informatica Data Quality, IDQ, Oracle EDQ, Datanomic, Pandora, SAS DQ, Dataflux, Trifacta, Trillium and SAP Information Steward.

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