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Data Science & Advanced Analytics Jobs

Careers in Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Big Data needs big thinking to make sense of it – which is where Data Science and Advanced Analytics jobs play an important part. As organizations gather ever more data, Data Science and Advanced Analytics jobs cover a broad range of disciplines to help analyse that data and make it useful.

​Data Scientists will use the data as a basis for forecasting the future, based on past patterns. Advanced analytics, on the other hand, uses sophisticated techniques and tools to extract meaningful insights from the various data sources. Together, Data Science and Advanced Analytics jobs can help businesses to optimize and improve their product development, marketing techniques and business strategies.

​With Data Science and Advanced Analytics covering a wide range of skills and techniques, Data Science and Advanced Analytics jobs are many and varied, and include Data Scientist, Senior Data Analyst, Lead Data Miner, Head of Data Science and Director of Analytics.

​Whatever your requirement, seniority or experience in Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Agile Recruit can match your vacancy to high-quality candidates or your skills to rewarding opportunities.

Key Technical Skills include KXEN, Mahout, Matlab, NumPy, R, SAS Visual Analytics, Spotfire, SPSS and SciPy.

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