Data science is one of the fastest-growing sectors of cloud and data recruitment, thanks to the vast amount of data most businesses now collect.

Data science, as a specialism, integrates applied scientific algorithms, computer science, mathematics, and machine learning to help companies to break down big data in a way which allows them to use it to guide their decision-making and inform their operational strategies.

As you can see, data scientists are in hot demand, so it is no surprise that you want to be one. But how will you answer the interview question “Why data science?”

Why do interviewers want to know why you have chosen data science as a career?

Interviewers ask similar questions to all candidates, regardless of which job role they have applied for. When they ask why you are interested in a particular career, they are trying to discover more about what motivates you and what career path you hope to travel.

When looking to answer questions about your specific interest in data science, the interviewer may want to hear more about your understanding of the vital role that data science plays in business and your current expertise level.

Typical answers to the question “Why data science?”

Individual answers will vary, as the motivation to follow a particular career path varies, but some of the most common reasons people choose to go into data science include:

  • “I want to make a big impact on the company I work for” – Working in the field of data science means you will be working towards automating many of the company’s manual processes, which can save them a lot in terms of both time and money.
  • “It will open up opportunities for me in many industries” – Although the majority of data scientists work in Big Tech or finance, there is a need for someone with these skills to work in all industry sectors, from beauty and cosmetics to professional sports. You can work in the industry where your passions lie and where you want to make your mark.
  • “It is a great starting point for lots of other data careers” – A career as a data scientist is incredibly rewarding. Still, it can also be a stepping stone to many other jobs in data, such as data engineering and machine learning, or even an executive role, such as Chief Data Officer (CDO).

How to answer the interview question “Why did you choose data science?”

When thinking about how you might answer the question “why data science?” you might want to think about:

  • What drew you to this particular area, such as a passion for problem-solving?
  • Your educational experience and other roles you have worked in that have helped to develop your interest.
  • Particular technology interests you, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain. Extra points if you can talk about the technology the company whose role you are applying for uses.
  • The value you believe data science brings to companies, allowing them to make more informed business decisions. We have a great blog, “Using data science for business decisions.”
  • As always, tailor your answer to the company you hope to work for.

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