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DevOps Jobs

Careers in DevOps

​DevOps is effectively two specialties – Development and Operations – in one discipline. What brings these specialties together and makes them greater than the sum of the parts, is the use of Agile methods. So naturally, DevOps jobs are something that Agile Recruit – as an organization built on and specialising in Agile methods – knows and understands well.

​The DevOps sector is currently booming as a career option. More and more businesses of all sizes are looking for candidates to fill DevOps jobs, in a bid to meet the growing need for improved efficiency and by adopting principles around Continuous Integration (CI), or Continuous Development (CD). This is what DevOps does very successfully, by helping to increase the speed of productivity through fast delivery, reliability, scale and improved collaboration and security.

​Delivering all these benefits across a wide variety of businesses depends on DevOps roles at all levels of seniority. So, whether you are, or you’re looking for, a DevOps Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Principal DevOps Engineer or Lead DevOps Engineer, you’ll find plenty of opportunities and candidates, with the help of specialist knowledge and recruitment support from Agile Recruit.

Key Technical Skills are rapidly changing and include Ansible, Bamboo, Bash, CentOS, Chef, CloudFormation, Consul, CoreOS, Docker, Git, Go, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Linux, Packer, Powershell, Puppet, Route 53, Shell, Splunk, Terraform, Tomcat, Vagrant, Vault, VMWare.

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