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Electronics Jobs & Hardware Jobs

Careers in Electronics & Hardware

Some of the most exciting sectors in industry rely on the skills of people in Electronics jobs to help them compete, innovate and grow. That’s why you’ll find Hardware Engineers playing a vital role in industries as diverse as robotics, defence, nanotechnology and many more.

Almost anywhere that computing devices are involved in production or processes, you’ll find Hardware Engineering jobs and Hardware Engineers of various guises. They may be working as a Verification Engineer, Senior Hardware Engineer, Lead FPGA Engineer, or a Principal IC Design Engineer, but they will all be helping to build the ‘brain’ of the physical components of computing devices.

This means that Hardware Engineers need to have a strong flair for circuit design across one or more areas – including FPGA, PCB, ASIC, Digital or Analogue. If you have the capabilities and experience to fill a role in this area, or if you’re looking for someone with these skills to help you enhance your organization’s Hardware Engineering resources, then Agile Recruit can help to bring you together.

Key Technical Skills include Analogue Circuit Design, Digital Circuit Design, Power Circuit Design, RF Circuit Design, FPGA, ASIC, IC Design, PCB Design, PCB Layout, Verification.

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