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Data Integration is the name given to the process of combining data from many different sources into one unified view. Integration of data begins with the ingestion process and includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping and data transformation. 

ETL (or Extract, Transform, Load) is the process within data integration where data is taken from the source system and delivered to the data warehouse. The purpose of both ETL and Data Integration is to produce effective and actionable business intelligence.

There are several ETL and Data Integration roles, including ETL Developer, SQL Developer, data integration officer and data integrations manager.

Why Agile for ETL Jobs?

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Successful data integration is necessary for businesses to succeed in today’s markets, as it allows all of a company’s data sources to be brought into one unified report. 

As more companies are realising the importance of data integration and ETL then having support from an experienced team of recruiters like Agile Recruit is essential for finding the right data integration job for you, or the right candidate for your ETL job.

ETL Jobs

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