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Information Security Jobs & Cyber Security Jobs

Careers in Information Security & Cyber Security

All organizations operate in a constantly evolving but always hostile environment. Whether it’s from cybercriminals intent on stealing data or money, cyberterrorists looking to disrupt business operations, or back-bedroom hackers, the data any organization holds is always under threat of theft, destruction or unwanted manipulation. Information Security jobs & Cyber Security jobs exist to provide protection.

​The difference between Information Security & Cyber Security jobs is minimal. Information Security jobs tend to focus on protecting information, while Cyber Security jobs are focused on securing the associated IT. Together, these Information Security & Cyber Security jobs protect against service interruptions, identity or financial theft, and inappropriate use of company information and communication channels.

​Roles under the banner of Information Security & Cyber Security jobs include Information Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Data Protection Consultant, and Chief Information Security Officer. Depending on the role and industry sector, the duties will vary – but all will be vital to maintaining an organization’s continued viability and performance, by ensuring its information and systems are safe and secure.

​With Information Security & Cyber Security jobs being key in the organization, it is essential that employers can trust the quality and honesty of applicants, and that candidates can find the role and organization for which they are best suited. Agile Recruit has the market understanding to help employers and candidates find what they need.

Key skills include CISSP, CISM, ISO27001, NIST, PSN, Cyber Essentials, CLAS, Pen Testing, Ethical Hacking, White Hat and DevSecOps.

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