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Senior & Executive Careers

As organizations strive to become data driven, and increasingly recognise data as an asset, there is a growing need for senior data professionals. This has seen a growth in Senior & Executive Jobs such as the rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on the board or executive board.  Head of Information Security, Director of Data Protection, Data Manager and Chief Data Architect are also high-profile roles in any organization.

These skilled professionals at C-Level, Director Level, and Head of Level are vital to any organization looking to achieve a data strategy that delivers tangible data services with a strong return on investment.

At Agile Recruit, our team specialises in finding the best candidates for all these Senior & Executive jobs. With extensive networks in – and a detailed understanding of – the data sector, we are able to introduce the right people to the right opportunities. We can guide candidates in their career change and help them find the most suitable Senior & Executive positions, including CDO, CISO, Head of Information Security, Director of Data Protection, Data Manager,or Chief Data Architect. If any of these could be your next role, we are always interested to hear from you.

Key Skills include Data, Information Security, Data Protection, Information Governance, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Platforms, Data Science, Data & Analytics, Data Quality, AI & Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, DevOps, Cloud, Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Architecture, Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Information Management.

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