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Software Jobs

Careers in Software

Software jobs – in both software development and software engineering – are the cornerstone of the development and creation of computers, devices, applications and programs. This makes an understanding of operating systems and programming languages essential in this field.

The growth of software applications, and their increasing presence in our daily lives, has increased demands on developers and engineers in software jobs. However, a strong knowledge of a few programming languages will help you get the most from your software career, whether as a Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer, or Core Technology Consultant.

There is a wide range of languages in use, though some – such as those detailed below – are more sought after for Software jobs than others.

​Fully aware of the growing demand for Software Engineers and Software Developers, our team of sector experts at Agile Recruit will help you find the right candidate or right Software job for you.

Key Technical Skills include Python, Ruby, Scala, C#, C++, .NET, Linux, Embedded Linux and Embedded C.

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