Resource as a Service (RaaS)

Hire IT Contractors Inside IR35 and Outside IR35

Tired of searching for the right data and technology team members? Outsource it!

A flexible workforce is the ideal these days so why not let us solve your recruitment headaches through our network of trusted contractors who work inside IR35?

Resource as a Service Statement of Work Delivery

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Our resource as a service offering is unique in the market, as we provide a framework for working which is based around milestones and deliverables. Delivery assurance is our number one priority.

Don’t forget though, we are called Agile for a reason – so if you don’t want to map out everything in advance waterfall style, you don’t have to.

Agile Tech Services

Our sister company, Agile Tech Services, aims to replace the traditional IT contractor recruitment structure with one that fits better with post IR35 reforms – providing a better model for both limited company contractors and their clients.

Disrupting the traditional IT contractor model means we can offer you a service that is truly agile in its delivery. Why not take advantage of our flexible resourcing capability on your next project, ensuring your project is IR35 compliant both operationally and contractually?

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Trusted Associates

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In the years we have been working with IT Contractors, we have noticed there is a marked difference in the performance of the top 10% and the rest.

Agile’s Trusted Associates have excelled in previously contracted data and technology positions for us and can show evidence of excellence.

They are the lifeblood of our business and we are always interested to hear from high-calibre contractors who would like to join our network.

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