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What do you want from a Recruitment Consultant? A job, obviously. But a job that’s well-matched to you. That’s right for you now, and for the future. And that doesn’t take forever to find. That’s why Agile Recruit is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a permanent or contract data sector role.

First, we won’t waste your time. Like you, we’re focused on the data sector. Second, we never forget that Recruitment Consultant is one job title but two roles: recruiter and consultant. You can talk to our experienced staff about vacancies, and you can talk to them about your career. Your short-term aims and your long-term ambitions – and how best to achieve them.

That’s why feedback rates us at over 85%. Other reasons include our honesty, integrity and transparency. We’ll keep you informed from your first contact with us, to your first day in your new job. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to help you make the right decisions. And we’ll always act with complete confidentiality – including never submitting your CV without your permission.