Data Leadership, Architecture & Delivery

What We Do.

Companies increasing focus on data-driven decision-making has made roles in data leadership, data architecture and delivery some of the most critical roles in business today. At Agile Recruit, we understand the important role of highly skilled Data Leaders, Data Architects and Project managers in delivering successful projects.


Data Leadership, Architecture & Delivery Jobs Overview

Data leadership is critical for companies to use their data to make successful business choices. Our executive roles cover positions from C-level – Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Information Officer (CIO) – through to Director level and Heads of Department. It is important to understand the strategic opportunities with your business and the current capabilities covered within your team to define your specific leadership need.

Our data architecture roles include solutions architects, enterprise architects and data architects. The data architecture team delivers projects, programmes and portfolios and ensures project technical and strategic visions align with the data extraction and manipulation processes.  The amount of data companies are working with has increased dramatically over recent years, meaning those companies who do not have a common standard for data integration and data management will struggle to gain meaningful insights.

Data delivery covers programme, portfolio and project management roles and the facilitation roles surrounding them, such as project coordinators and business analysts. This area also has a particular focus for us with agile practitioners such as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Product Owners.


What We Want.

Agile Recruit wants to hear from any experts looking to further their data leadership, data architecture or data delivery career or any business leaders looking to expand their data leadership, data architecture or data delivery team with new hires.

Executive Jobs

Executives are a vital role in any business as they coordinate, direct and plan operational activities and are responsible for delivering policies and strategies to meet their businesses goals.

Project Management Jobs

Project Management Jobs are those job roles that are tasked with planning and overseeing all aspects of a project, to ensure the project’s goals are met on time and on budget. They tend to require the organisation of people, resources and tasks in order to make this happen.

Data Architecture

Data architecture is concerned with how data is managed - from the collection of the data through to transformation, distribution and consumption. It is the foundation for how data is processed through data storage systems. Data architecture is key to artificial intelligence (AI) and data processing operations.

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