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The technology sector is filled with unique demands – from AI to Blockchain. We know that being able to find the right people to increase your revenue is getting tougher – the world of technology does not sit still, and neither do we.

Tech Sales Jobs Overview.

Sales are a vital part of the growth of any business – both physically and financially.

Roles within technology sales consist of several areas, from developing & maintaining relationships, building & managing your sales pipeline, and understanding the technology product. You could sell software licences, make consultative sales within Professional Services, or even support staff time.

Tech sales roles are a different area of sales than many people from other sectors are used to. Insurance or retail sales, for example, are concerned with promoting a particular product, whereas tech salespeople build relationships with customers to help them solve an issue and motivate them to make a purchase.

Tech salespeople work for companies that use multiple forms of technology to offer their services. You will therefore be working with customers to find their unique challenges and what technology you can access to help them solve them. You may also offer them products and services to help them make their business processes more efficient.

The day-to-day role of a tech salesperson will involve identifying new sales opportunities by talking to clients about what kinds of issues they are facing and showing them how your product can help them.  You will also be tasked with demonstrating the product or service you are selling through a conversation with a client or a more formal demo.

Entry-level tech sales jobs tend to be business development representatives or sales development representatives, responsible for qualifying customers and booking meetings for account executives. Account executives, account managers and customer success managers close deals and upsell clients.

Senior tech sales positions include sales manager or sales director positions. Sales managers will lead and develop sales teams, while Sales Directors are responsible for creating and executing the sales strategy.


What We Want.

Agile Recruit wants to hear from any tech salespeople, whatever stage of your career you are at or any business leaders looking to expand their tech sales team with new hires.

Tech Sales Jobs

Technology sales are a vital part of the growth, physically and financially within any business. Technology sales cover such areas as, Software, Infrastructure, Services, Licences, Consultancy, and many others.

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