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What We Do.

Our data visualisation, analytics, and insight specialists have a deep understanding of the skills, technologies, tools and environments required for roles in this area, as well as the people needed to make it happen.

Data Visualisation, Analytics & Insight Jobs Overview.

Roles in data visualisation, data analytics and data insights are concerned with collecting data from multiple sources to create a single source of reliable information within a company. This specialism includes business intelligence, data science, and machine learning jobs.

Data visualisation is the process of migrating, transforming, and extracting data. This data is then handed over to analysts, who will derive real meaning from it to help business managers make more informed decisions.  It usually involves visually representing data using charts and graphs, allowing business users to get insights quicker and make better decisions. Businesses generate a huge amount of data daily, so it is important to understand it to get the most value out of it.

Business Intelligence is concerned with data collection, storage, and utilisation within an organisation. It encompasses data mining, descriptive analytics, performance benchmarking and process analysis.  All business intelligence processes are concerned with understanding the data collected to present it as easy-to-digest performance measures and trends to inform management decisions better.  This makes it a core business value as most business areas benefit from having better information to work with.

Data science combines math and statistics, such as advanced analytics, and often involves artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to look at the trends in the data and past historical data to make future predictions. The vast increase in the volume of data being generated daily has meant that Data Science, AI & ML are some of the fastest-growing and exciting technology fields.   Companies increasingly rely on data scientists to help them interpret the data they are collecting and provide them with actionable recommendations to improve business outcomes.


What We Want.

If you are thinking about a career in data visualisation, data analytics or data insights, whether you have just started or are looking for the next step, please talk to Agile Recruit. We would be happy to help you on the next stage of your journey.   We also want to hear from any business leaders looking to expand their data visualisation, analytics, or insight teams.

Business Intelligence Jobs

Business Intelligence (also known as BI) is the name given to the technology-driven process used to analyse data in order to deliver actionable information to help business leaders make more informed decisions. The core of many of the business intelligence roles available is to translate data into insights that can drive business value.

Data Science Jobs

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology. It is concerned with the use of scientific algorithms, methods, processes and systems to extract knowledge and information for structure and unstructured data and then apply this across a broad range of application domains.

Machine Learning Jobs

Machine Learning is a growing field, which is rapidly getting bigger. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subfield Machine Learning is essentially the fuel we use to power machines to learn. We can use Machine learning to easily update programs and modify them to adapt to new environments and tasks in order to get things done quickly and efficiently.

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