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Data Warehousing Jobs

Careers in Data Warehousing

One of the core components of Business Intelligence is the Data Warehouse, which is why Data Warehousing jobs are key to helping businesses towards productivity, growth and profitability.

​Also known as an Enterprise Data Warehouse or EDW, the Data Warehouse is where data from diverse sources is captured, stored and made available for analysis to support business decisions. In many organizations, Data Warehousing jobs and solutions overlap with Big Data solutions, as integration between the two is often the most effective way to help businesses achieve the best results.

​Many Data Warehousing jobs can be heavily technical – relating to design, development, analysis or architecture – and will require in-depth specialist knowledge or a broad understanding of data architecture. However, there are also many Data Warehousing management and specialist support functions. Amongst the broad range of Data Warehousing jobs available are Data Warehouse Developer, Data Warehouse Consultant, Data Warehouse Architect and Core Technology Technical Lead.

​Naturally, Agile Recruit has extensive experience of finding experienced candidates for all these Data Warehousing jobs, and can support you in your search for candidates, or for a Data Warehousing role.

Key Technical Skills include Access, DB2, MySQL, Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, Maria DB, Redshift, Snowflake, Greenplum, Exasol and Exadata.

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