Despite our best efforts, a concerted Phishing scam using our company name is continuing unabated.  I’d like to thank the people who have phoned us to report this to us and have hopefully made it marginally more awkward for the scammers to continue by reporting it to WhatsApp.

The scam varies slightly in wording but generally starts by asking to share details with you, rather than asking straight away for your details, then in the follow-up message begins to ask for personal details.  This looks very much like it has come from us as you can see from the screenshot below, which was shared with us by one of the people targeted.

whatsapp phishing message

There seems to be little that Facebook, the owners of WhatsApp, can do to stop this, as the campaign seems to cycle through numbers from all over the planet (including the UK, where we do most of our business).

What to do if contacted by Agile Recruit through WhatsApp

Speaking simply, we don’t contact people through WhatsApp.  If you have received a message from “us” through WhatsApp, it is not legitimate.  Please don’t reply, and we would greatly appreciate if you could take the following action:

  • Click on the 3 dot burger menu in the top right-hand corner
  • Click Report

This will both block and report the scammers and should mean that the number is no longer usable to them.

For more guidance and for UK residents to report this further, the National Cyber Security Centre website provides a great deal of content:

On the off chance

If you are a data professional who is looking for a new role and you’ve stumbled over us through this scam, please get in touch with us (obviously not via the WhatsApp message).  It would be great if some good came from this situation!

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