Data Governance & Security

What We Do

Our data governance and data security specialists cover roles from the non-technical disciplines relating to setting data governance policy and procedures to more technical positions within master data management, data quality and cyber security.


Data Governance & Security Jobs Overview 

Data governance is concerned with managing data and processes to ensure that companies use consistent, organised and, most importantly, secure data that meets standards and policies.  It is the foundation for everything else that follows.  If you do not have the right data governance covering your critical data assets, you will not get your privacy and security controls right.

Robust data governance ensures that methods are established, responsibilities are set, and processes are put in place to standardise, protect, and store corporate data with the following aims:

• Establish internal rules for data use for everyone to follow
• Increase the value of the data gathered.
• Implement compliance requirements correctly.
• Minimise the risks associated with storing data.

The other part of this specialism is Information Security / Cyber Security.  Ensuring the security of your data is vital for any business, as there are many potential threats to the data you are storing – including external attackers and malicious or negligent insiders.  Data security concerns the technical framework used to keep data available and secure.  It guarantees essential information about your business and your customers do not end up in the wrong hands and that it is not entirely useless for your data needs.

There is a lot to be considered when it comes to Data Governance and Cyber Security, especially when it comes to protecting your customer’s privacy and data, as there are serious implications concerned with not addressing these areas correctly.  For this reason, getting the right people in this business area is vital.


What We Want. 

Agile Recruit wants to hear from any data governance or cyber security professionals looking to further their career in this area or any business leaders looking to build or expand their data governance or data security team.

Data Governance Jobs

Data Governance is the name given to the initiative a company takes to create and enforce a set of rules and policies regarding its data.

Master Data Management Jobs

Master data management (MDM) is the process of creating a single master record containing all critical business data from both external and internal data sources and applications, making the information contained in this data consistent and reliable.

Data Quality Jobs

Data is a hot topic in the world of business today, as it can offer company’s great insights and value - but only if it is high-quality. Poor data quality can lead companies to make costly mistakes.

Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security is the protection of information and information systems from all types of unauthorized access, including disclosure, disruption, destruction and modification.

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