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Data Governance Jobs

Careers in Data Governance

​An increasing number of businesses are looking to place data at the heart of what they do. That makes candidates for Data Governance jobs highly sought after. And if you have a Data Governance job you need to recruit for, you’ll find you’re playing on a highly competitive field.

Data Governance is the core strategy of managing and controlling data. For organizations in any sector of business or industry that hold information of the type which exposes them to a level of risk, finding the highly reliable individuals required to fill Data Governance roles is a continual challenge. The kind of roles they need to fill include Data Governance Manager, Data Steward, Data Management Consultant and Data Owner.

​These Data Governance jobs are central to driving most of the areas where Agile Recruit finds and places candidates. This means that, whether you are recruiting Data Governance specialists, or looking for your next Data Governance job, Agile Recruit has the experience to know where to find them for you, and the relationships to ensure we place the right people in the right places.

Key skills include Data Stewardship, GDPR, Single Customer View (SCV), Master Data Management (MDM), and technologies include IBM Data Governance, Axon, Collibra, SAP DG.

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