Data Governance Jobs

Data Governance is the name given to the initiative a company takes to create and enforce a set of rules and policies regarding its data.  Good Data Governance underpins an organisation’s data strategy as a whole principally to ensure they are acting in accordance with data-sharing laws and also protecting their valuable data from cyber criminals. 

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and these types of attacks tend to target company’s data. This can be devastating for businesses.

There are a variety of data governance jobs available including data manager, data steward, data governance officer and data governance analyst.

Why Agile for Data Governance Jobs?

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Business today have access to vast amounts of data about clients, customers, employees and suppliers meaning it is vital to get the right people in place on your Data Governance team.  In order to maximise data governance investments you need to ensure you better understand the market and target audience and have the talent available to ensure your data is well-documented and trusted, and easy to fine. 

To ensure you have the right people on your Data Governance team you need to partner with an experienced team of data governance recruiters like Agile Recruit.

Data Governance Jobs

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