BI Developer Job Profile

BI Developers (or Business Intelligence Developers) are the people who are in charge of developing, deploying, and maintaining BI interfaces – including query tools, data visualization, interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modelling tools. 

BI Developers are responsible for formulating business requirements for BI tools, translating business requirements into technical ones, report curation and data modelling, participating in data warehouse design, and creating technical documentation.

Bi Developer Job Requirements

The skills required for BI Developer jobs will vary depending on the project, but the most typical skills asked for include:

Experience with BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Qlik Sense

A background in DB/DBA, especially SQL and NoSQL queries. 

A background in data analysis to understand the business requirements for a BI system

Software engineering skills to ensure your BI interface is accessible on multiple platforms

Attention to detail with the ability to present data in a meaningful way to users

The ability to understand the data and reporting needs of your customers.

The skills required to create reporting dashboards and front-end interfaces.

Strong communication skills to consult and build successful projects with non-technical stakeholders.

Commitment to seeing projects through to completion.



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