DevOps Engineer Job Profile

DevOps Engineers merge all of the tasks associated with the development, deployment, integration and quality control of software into one single set of continuous processes. They not only develop principles and best practices to make development cycles shorter but also assist teams to ensure they are continuously delivering high-quality software.  

To be a successful DevOps Engineer, you need to be able to demonstrate flexibility, multitask, and not get flustered when handling many different situations simultaneously.

DevOps Engineer Job Requirements

If you are applying for a DevOps Engineer job you should

Have great communication skills as you will be working with lots of different people

Have excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

Have experience developing software applications

Have a good knowledge of scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Bash amongst others

Be process-orientated, focusing on procedures rather than results

Be able to document processes clearly

Have an understanding of or experience in an Agile software development environment

Experience in managing schedules and leading a development project

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