Most CVs are boring, let’s face it, no one ever has said to us “I really enjoyed writing my CV”

However, the right CV can get you the position YOU really want.  To do this you need to give your CV or cover letter a little personality to make it stand out.  But hang on through; we don’t mean crazy formatting (that we can’t read),  a random picture, or even worse, Clip Art.

Instead, it would help if you highlighted something in your life that will make you stand out from all other candidates who are as qualified for the job as you are.

For example, your night class in Italian may not seem relevant to your data engineer job, but it can show a willingness to learn and broaden your skills and make you stand out from the crowd.

So, what other ways are there to make your job application stand out?

#Explain your continued learning

Most cloud and data roles require a degree. But suppose you have continued your learning after traditional schooling. Whether via online courses or community workshops, this can show us that you are curious about your chosen subject and have the drive to pursue it. It can also show potential employees that you have creativity and depth.

#Give us a link to your blog

Many company recruiters don’t bother trawling through CVs; they check LinkedIn for candidate job histories. So, why not give them a better example of what you have done by showing them how you have moved beyond just ideas and executed something instead – whether it be a personal blog or a contribution to GitHub.

#Highlight your social media following (if the content is relevant)

If you post regularly about cloud or data-related subjects and have a massive social following, you can demonstrate you have a passion for the niche, and that people react positively to it.

#Say it, don’t write it

Your personality will shine through in your interview, but only if you manage to get there. Doing a video of your career highlights rather than just writing them down can be a great way to stand out from other candidates.

#Share your gap year experiences with us

Many companies are working on a global scale these days, so they want to work with employees that have a worldwide perspective.

#Showcase your project-based work

Rather than going down the tried and tested route of listing your roles and responsibilities at a company, why not describe some of your project-based work? This can show us how you will fit into our client’s team, rather than just giving us an idea of the title of your last position.

#Tell us what drives you

Give us your “why.” Why do you get up in the morning, and what difference do you want to make to the world? And how does this fit in with the role you are applying for?

#Tell us what you are reading

Tell us what you are spending your spare time reading. The books you have read recently, the sites you have visited, and the blogs you have read – even if they have no relation to the role you are applying for. We will better understand what you are passionate about and what insight you have into a particular subject.

For further guidance on ensuring your job application stands out, seek out one of our cloud and data specialists here.

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