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Service Management (ITSM) Jobs

Careers in Service Management (ITSM)

Securing ITSM skilled professionals can be extremely challenging as this is widely perceived as a niche sector. Due to the ever-increasing need for focused Service Management skills and the availability in the marketplace, finding the right fit in both skills and suitability can be extremely time consuming, as most IT-focused organizations see Service Management (also known as ITSM) an essential part of their operations.

​Using an ITIL-based framework, Service Management jobs involve managing not only IT, but also people and process. The versatility of the ITIL framework means that it is capable of being tailored to suit any and all business needs. So those involved in Service Management roles may use a variety of different software solutions. However, the end result is the same: the delivery of expert analysis, essential functionality, and results that ultimately enhance business efficiency and generate revenue.

Despite the niche positioning of Service Management jobs, Agile Recruit has supported and advised both employers and candidates. We have experience of assisting businesses in building their Service Management teams, and of successfully placing permanent and contract Service Management specialists wanting to develop their careers. Whether you are interested in Service Management roles such as ServiceNow Developer, Senior ServiceNow Engineer or uCMDB Consultant, Agile Recruit can help.

Key Technical Skills include ServiceNow, Cherwell, Remedy and HPSM.

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